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You keep telling yourself you want to be more active. You want to start walking more. You want to start running. You want to get up off that comfortable couch of yours.

But where do you start? Why not try a Couch to 5k plan.

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Ever get the feeling that it's just another same old run?

Same route, same time and losing focus or motivation?

Then it may be time to ruffle things up and add a little change to boost the desire to get out there and keep on going.

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virtual run -

I felt a little niggle over my knee half-way through my run on Sunday last week, but it eased off. Then it was pretty sore in the few hours after the run. It was kinda weird with the pain being over the front of the kneecap. Initially thought I may have over stretched or bumped my knee the day before or something and not realised it. So it was an ice pack on the knee and feet up. Then some Tiger Balm. It didn't really ease off so I decided to get to my local physio for some advice.  It...

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news -

Yesterday we confirmed that we will be exhibiting at the RunFit Expo 2018 in Liverpool on May 18th and 19th 2018.

Alongside the Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool weekend, it is sure to be a great few days!

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As a virtual runner and still getting those miles in during winter, what I wear changes to try and help keep me warm! But what about the other little things that I should be thinking about?

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