Cycle Challenge - Join me?

As we head towards April, I've been thinking about our cycle challenge that starts on Monday.

Will I do it all outdoors? All on an exercise bike (we allow miles done on exercise bikes) or will I do a mix of them both.

As I'm also taking part in our virtual running challenges and aiming for 100 miles in April, I'm also wondering how I'll fit in the time!

But just like any challenge, I need to break down my goal over the number of days in the month and work out a plan.

200 miles cycling challenge? Maybe...

So over 30 days that is 6.67 miles per day. That may take 30 minutes, roughly. So I need to find an extra 45 minutes in my day.

I might need to get up earlier, go at lunch time, early evening or perhaps take the bike to and back again from jogscotland or running groups. 

If you think about it and have the desire, you will find a way and the time. It really is about priorities and what's important to you. Finding time for you.

Now that's on 200 miles, what about 50 miles?

That's 1.67 miles per day. Takes less time but still achieving your goal. Or you can bunch that up and do 3 times a week, say 12 / 13 times during April (there is 5 Mondays) and you'll need to do 4.2 miles each outing. 

Cycle whilst working?

Now for something different.

I came across a video (you should see it below) of someone, Jason, that recently did a cycle challenge at his desk using a 'stationery' bike and when he added up the numbers at the end, it's quite staggering.

And shows what can be achieved if you try and work something into your day.

This has also got me thinking, could I do this? Mmmmm....

The video should start nearer the end as Jason recaps the numbers, but do feel free to watch the whole video (14 minutes long)

Will you be taking on the Your Mile Cycling Virtual Challenge with me?

Remember, we have introduced a finishers pack in a box, there may just be a little treat or two in there for you ;) 

Still interested? Sign up here!


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