Darker mornings. It's a struggle.

The mornings are getting darker and many find it harder to get up in the morning.

I find it hard.

Of course, it's so easy to hit snooze and just cuddle back up under the duvet. It's warm. It's comfortable.

After all, our bodies are programmed to sleep during darkness. That would also explain why getting to sleep during lighter nights is harder and getting up in the morning when the sun has risen is easier.

I've not been going out running in the morning recently, and I do miss it.
Kudos to our challengers and others out there that are still up with the #5am and #6am clubs.


What I've been doing instead and is getting up at 5:30am and journalling.

I don't check my phone.

I don't think about what I've got to do for the day.
I just write.

I write for no more than 30 minutes every morning about what's on my mind. My ideas. My struggles. And what I want to achieve for the day.
Not what I've got to do, but what I want to achieve.

For me, when I know I'm doing this and when that alarm goes, my brain automatically starts to think about these things. I want to get up and write them down.

It helps clear my mind

I've also been finding it a good thing to be doing too. It helps clear my mind and also helps me set myself up for the day.

There have been one or two mornings that I've not done this and I feel frustrated and somehow different because I didn't get up when I planned to, and I didn't write.

I think that having a goal or something you want to do is always a factor in getting you to move and do something at any time. Not just in the morning.
And when you are committed to it, it can be easier to get up or get out or whatever it is that you want to do.

I'm not saying that journalling or going for a run, or walk, is the answer to making getting up easier in the morning. There can be other factors that people face.

But it works for me, and just maybe it could work for you.

What do you do?

Do you have a routine or something you do that helps you get up during the darker mornings? Let us know and share in the comments below.

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