How to restart your motivation

not feeling it, feeling down

Not feeling the love for the miles?

You've lost your mojo, your motivation or simply just don't feel like it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just start with something little. Little is better than nothing.

Have you found yourself knowing that you wanted to get something done, but the longer you put it off, the more frustrated you get. And the more frustrated you felt, the more you thought you had lost your motivation. 

Just Start Doing

Get out there (sometimes just at the spur of the moment can be best) and do a mile. No pressure, no time worries, just get a mile in. You'll feel better than if you've done nothing at all.

Then repeat. Keep doing. Mile after mile, it will all add up without the pressure. 

Challenges are meant to push you, but not to the point that you fall out of love with it. 

If you feel like you've lost the miles love, try changing things up. 

Change the route

If you normally do the same route every time, then perhaps it is time to try a different route.

This could be as simple as doing it in reverse. Take a left instead of right and then turn back on to the route when you can.  

Start and finish at a different point in your route. 

These simple little changes could be the difference to you wanting to get back out there.

Try a different time of the day

There are typically two different times of the day that most of us go out.

Morning and evenings.

If you normally go out in the evenings, maybe look at getting a morning run, walk or cycle done. And vice versa if you are a morning person, try out an evening session if you are starting to lose the feeling for the morning runs.

You can notice different things at different times of the day.

Do something else

If you normally run, maybe try a walk or a cycle. Mix this up with a different time of day as above. If you run in the evenings try a walk instead, and then a run in the morning.

Or get on the bike and go round the route you normally run. This can make it easier to try and find a change in direction or adding on to your route.

Find someone to go with

Sometimes having someone to go out and meet up with is all the motivation you need to get out there. You don't want to let someone else down and you can be doing each other a favour and helping out.

Arrange a time, a day and go. Make it a priority to stop something else taking over that time so you don't miss out.

And don't just do this once, make it a regular thing and you never know your group of 2 might grow into 3 or 4!

Try it.

If you've not taken on a challenge, sign up for one today

Give these things a try out to change up your routine and get the love back. You don't have to do them all, pick one and try it. 

Even if you haven't lost your motivation, trying a little change can be an extra boost to you doing your miles and keep it fresh.

Let us know what you do to change things up. Comment below or check out our Facebook group.

Safe Miles!

*Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash


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