How you could reach 100 miles in July

You have looked at the challenge and you are not sure you could manage the 100 mile challenge in July. You are not sure how many days or how far you would need to run each time to achieve that.

It is easy enough to break it down by 31 days and say 3.23 miles per day, or basically 5k a day.

I've done the 5k a day challenge for 30 days and it is tough going. You need to add on a little as 5k a day doesn't get you to 100!

Hats off to you if you try it.

So how else can you do 100 miles in July, well I try to break it down another way for you here...

How many days are you planning to run in a week?

First, think about how many days a week you want to run. Rest days are important so I'm going to break it down by running (remember walking, cycling and swimming can be included) 4 days a week.

There are 4 weeks and 2 days in July.

I typically run on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

In July that gives me a total of 18 days.

100 divided by 18 = 5.55 miles.

Normally on the weekdays, I do around 4 miles, that would leave me with 10.2 miles to do on a Sunday to keep on target to reach the 100 at the end of the month.

What if I run 5 days a week?

Let's take a look...

Say you run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. In July you would have 22 days.

100 divided by 22 = 4.55 miles.

If I were to use my 4 miles per weekday that would leave me with 6.75 miles to do on Sunday. To some, and to me at times, the Sunday run at 6.75 miles doesn't seem so daunting as doing 10 miles.

Plan ahead

If you are thinking of trying for the 100, the best thing to do is plan ahead. Work out how many days you are going to run for, divide the 100 by that number of days and that will give you a daily mileage.

Of course, the best-made plans don't always work out. You may miss a day or two and if that happens, you can either try and fit in a different day or maybe make it up with a longer run.

What if I only want to do 75 or 50 miles?

If 100 miles is definitely not your thing, then you can do the same for the 50 and 75-mile challenges.

Again decide how many days, divide your mile goal by those days and there's your daily miles target.

For example, 18 days running = 4.17 miles per day

The most important thing is to enjoy the challenge

Pick a goal that you will push you a little but you'll still enjoy. The last thing these challenges are supposed to be is a chore.

Sometimes, setting out with the lower goal in mind and just letting the days take care of themselves, you might find you've reached 75 without putting any pressure on yourself.

What if I don't reach 100 miles?

Remember if you try for the 100 but only reach 75, you can still claim for your medal. 

With YMC, no matter what you sign up for, as long as you have done at least the lower mile goal (28, 30, 31 - depending on the month) you can claim for your medal.

So, how many miles will you do in July?


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