Running Streaks. How often do you run?

This post has been updated on 1/10/2019...

I've seen quite a few posts from others about running streaks lately. In fact, Ronhill during October have their #runeveryday challenge and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in it. I started to dig around and see what more I could find out about running streaks.

1 Mile Per Day Challenge

We do have our own, the 1 mile a day challenge as part of our monthly challenges here at Your Mile Challenge, although we are not strict in that you have failed if you don't do a mile per day, more so that you complete 30 or 31 miles in the month - the equivalent of 1 mile per day.

This encourages people to think about being active every day and helps to build up towards UK recommendations of 150 minutes of activity every week. Particularly if you are starting out for the first time.

Rest Days

I personally don't run every day. I have done it once for about a week and didn't seem to enjoy it. I do like my rest days. It may be that my runs are longer than a mile. They tend to be around 4 miles so maybe that makes a difference?


I did do a 5k a day challenge in 2018 and found it tough going, particularly after the first week and through to the third. My shins and my claves were becoming a bit sore :)

I tried to alternate the times I was running - for example run in the morning one day and then in the evening the next to try and push the time between each run.

I must admit though the last 5 days I found it a bit more enjoyable. Probably because I was nearing the end and knew that I just couldn't stop now and had to keep going!

Building Endurance

Looking around to see what others thought, I came across Miles with Michelle. Michelle is a running coach and it was interesting to read the she would never encourage her athletes to run every day, valuing rest days.

However she does see the benefit in short running streaks as a way to boost endurance for longer distance runs such as a marathon, ultra or even a half marathon. Michelle also goes on to say that if you do run every day, the streak should be a short term one, usually about a month. 

You can read more about Michelle's thoughts about #runeveryday over at her blog

I am curious as to what you think:

Do you run every day?

How long would you do a running streak for?

Are rest days a must?

Let us know in the comments below

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