Our 2019 Virtual Challenge Medals

We have released our full set of designs for our 2019 Virtual Challenges! Many of our challengers have and are looking to collect a full 12 months of medals, i.e. do a full year of virtual challenges and collect the years medals. So for 2019 we thought we'd do a couple of things. 1. Create a Medal Series The 2019 medals when you have them all c...
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Are virtual run medals just 7th place trophies?

Over the past few months, I've heard some negativity about virtual challenges and medals, from "oh it's just a fad", "it's a con", "a waste of time", "medals for nothing"


I've been told the last one directly at a running event we attended. Yes, a running event where every finisher gets a medal?!

But let's have a think about this, are medals from virtual challenges and runs really just 7th placed trophies?

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