Are virtual run medals just 7th place trophies?

Over the past few months, I've heard some negativity about virtual challenges and medals, from "oh it's just a fad", "it's a con", "a waste of time", "medals for nothing"


I've been told the last one directly at a running event we attended. Yes, a running event where every finisher gets a medal?!

But let's have a think about this, are medals from virtual challenges and runs really just 7th placed trophies?

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When injury stops you in your stride

I felt a little niggle over my knee half-way through my run on Sunday last week, but it eased off. Then it was pretty sore in the few hours after the run. It was kinda weird with the pain being over the front of the kneecap. Initially thought I may have over stretched or bumped my knee the day before or something and not realised it. So it was...
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