What is a tempo run?

In my last blog post, I wrote about What is an Easy Run? I've started doing the easy runs and you can read more about it in a different post. But for just now, I am turning my attention to what pace would a tempo run mean for me.

But First, What is a Tempo Run?

If you do a search of 'Tempo Run' you will generally get the following:

  1. a quicker pace run, or
  2. a threshold run.
  3. A run that is harder but comfortable. 

And instead of a conversation, it will be more short questions or answers (Maybe the three-word thing I speak about in my easy run post!)

How often should I do a tempo run?

So if you are looking at the above and think - harder but comfortable? 'oh no, how many runs need to be like that?', then don't worry.

I've been looking at a few training and a tempo run appears every 1-2 weeks, depending on the plan of course. So it's not something that you will be doing all the time. 


So, how fast for a tempo run?

To calculate my pace for a tempo run, I head back to the Runners World pace calculator that I used to work out my easy pace.

To keep it consistent, I entered doing a 10km run in an hour, just as I did before.

And on doing this, the pace came back at 6:02 min/km 

So basically, a tempo run pace is my 10km run pace.

Which is achievable yes, but not a pace that I would want to be doing every run. As looking back, it was a hard one to do and I was looking to achieve a sub-60 minute 10km, so was giving it a lot more effort!

So there you have it, I've checked out my pace for a tempo run and will be attempting to try it out next week. Oh, and one thing I should mention, the run needn't be too long either.

Typically tempo runs are between 2 to 6 miles :)

Go check out what your pace should be for a tempo run using the link to the calculator at Runners World and let us know in the comments below :)

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