Don't forget the sunscreen!

The weather has been a bit unpredictable, to say the least! And even though we may not see the sun it can still be doing our skin some damage, particularly if we are out for a few hours getting those miles in! If you tend to be a bit forgetful and not put on some SPF before heading out, we've done a little search of the interwebs to find some ha...
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Benefits of Walking

Here at Your Mile Challenge, it’s not all running and cycling. We do have many challengers that walk as part of their challenges. As we head towards May, and National Walking Month, we take a look at the benefits of walking and how you can make it a daily habit. The Benefits of Walking Walking is a lower impact activity than running and is ideal...
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Cycle Challenge - Join me?

As we head towards April, I've been thinking about our virtual cycle challenge that starts on Monday.

Will I do it all outdoors? All on an exercise bike (we allow miles done on exercise bikes) or will I do a mix of them both.

As I'm also taking part in our virtual running challenges and aiming for 100 miles in April, I'm also wondering how I'll fit in the time!

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