Here's where you can find some information about the 2020 Challenges - there will also be regular update emails from us

Your Challenge

Whether you have chosen to do 500km, 500 miles, 1000km, or 1000 miles, you have from the 1st of January to the 31st of December 2020 to reach your goal.

It does not matter how many activities you do, nor does it matter how far. Every step counts towards your goal.

If you want to mix walking and running, that's fine. Use a treadmill, great. As long as you can record the distance you have completed, it's all good.

Recording your activities

If you have an exercise tracker that records the distance you can use this to record your activities. We don't need every screenshot, simply a screenshot of your totals once you reach your goal.

You can always use our downloadable calendars to record your miles each month and over the year. A screenshot of this will be good as evidence.

A link to these will be available shortly...

Join the Group

We have a new dedicated group for the 2020 challenges with other challengers for the year.

We encourage you to interact, post your activities and help inspire others. We know from experience that seeing others getting some miles or km on the board, inspires others to get going too.

Here's a link to the group - please do answer the questions to speed up the approval process.


If you have any questions at all, please do reach out to me by email, or message via our Facebook page or ask in the group. We are here to help and will be on this challenge with you.