1000 Miles in 2019 Virtual Challenge
1000 Miles in 2019 Virtual Challenge
1000 Miles in 2019 Virtual Challenge
1000 Miles in 2019 Virtual Challenge
1000 Miles in 2019 Virtual Challenge

1000 Miles in 2019 Virtual Challenge

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Could you walk or run 2.74 miles every day for a year?

It might not seem a lot, and you don't need to make any massive changes - but you'll got to keep at it.

It is a challenge that will require to stay motivated and be active.

And to keep you motivated, we have introduced a HALFWAY MOTIVATOR that you can claim for when you get to 500 miles.

This will be a token to recognise your achievement during the year so far as you work your way to 1000 miles!

The Challenge

It starts on the 1st of January 2019 and ends on December the 31st giving you the full year to reach your goal.

You can walk or run or a mix of them both. How you do them is up to you. This is your challenge. 

If you want to, you can add cycling and swimming miles to the totals, but you may alos just want to challenge yourself to only walking 1000 miles. 

Tracking my miles

You can track your miles using a fitness tracker such as a FitBit, TomTom or Garmin - Apps like Strava, Runkeeper or MapMyRun.

Or, you could record them the pen and paper way using our FREE to download and print year calendar.

Claiming my medal and keyring

We only need one photo of evidence that you have completed your challenge. Although our easy to use claim form can accept 4 images.

Facebook Group

We have a YourMileChallenge Facebook Group that you can join and we'll also have a #1000in2019 Strava club to join.

We have a few things planned for each during 2019 to keep the motivation going!

What you'll get when you sign up

  • Sign up confirmation email
  • Welcome email
  • Monthly update emails at the end of each month except December where it will be mid-month
  • Free to download, print off and fill in to track those miles as you go!
  • 1000 Mile medal and keyring on completion of challenge and when claimed
  • 1000 Mile Badge
  • Certificate

Come and join Your Mile Challenge and beat that goal!

If 1000 miles is a little bit daunting, have a look at our 1000Km challenge

** Medals will be shipped from 1st September 2019 - if you complete the challenge before this, you can still make your claim but you medals will not start shipping until 1st September.

** Design shown subject to change due to design / production processes